Asmodee joins Embracer Group

Embracer Group has acquired game publisher Asmodee.
The sale of Asmodee to Embracer has been completed.

Swedish gaming and media conglomerate Embracer Group has acquired French game publisher Asmodee. Asmodee will operate as Embracer’s ninth operational group. Asmodee’s CEO, Stéphane Carville, continues to lead the new operations group with his management team. Asmodee will continue to operate as usual, and no restructuring is expected as a result of the transaction.

Talks between Embracer and Asmodee began in December 2021. After lengthy negotiations, on January 17, 2022, Embracer acquired 96% of the company’s shares with a first-day payment of approximately €2.75 billion. The remaining 4% was agreed with the shareholders. Talks have recently concluded, and Asmodee has announced that it is now part of Embracer.

Asmodee COO Nicolas Godement said in a post he shared:

“It’s official, we’re part of Embracer Group as of today! I am super excited by the opportunities and grateful to our teams for making this happen.”

In a post shared by Asmodee, the following statements were included:

“We’re very pleased to share with you all that a new journey starts today for Asmodee Group as part of Embracer Group. We look forward to working together and keep pursuing our mission to entertain the world, through amazing brands, games, and new projects.”

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