Embracer is the number one publisher on Google Play in Europe in Q2 2022

The Swedish video game and media holding company rank number one on Google Play in Europe, and number five worldwide.
Embracer Group

According to Sensor Tower’s data, The Swedish video games giant Embracer Group has a great Q2 2022, ranking as the number one game publisher on Google Play in Europe, and number 5 across the world.

The data puts Embracer above other giants such as Google, Supersonic Studios, Azur Interactive, Meta, Yandex, ByteDance, Miniclip, and more. The Swedish company has a number of high-profile studios as subsidiaries such as CrazyLabs and Easybrain, and it has recently purchased three major studios from Square Enix, another video games giant.

Embracer regularly invests in video game studios, and their portfolio is extremely rich. Last year this time around the company acquired eight video game companies, and CrazyLabs was one of them, and arguably the Israel-based studio is one of the heavy-hitters in this chart for Embracer.

Embracer Group’s senior advisor Martin Lindell shared the graphic above and said:

“When Embracer Group is in the news it’s often about acquisitions and blockbusters. Therefore, I’m proud to put some spotlight on Embracer’s mobile publishers, CrazyLabs, Easybrain, DECA, etc, who collectively ranks as the #5 publisher worldwide and the #1 publisher on Google Play in Europe during Q2 2022 according to Sensor Tower. Hits include casual games like DIY Joystick and Dessert DIY.”

Dessert DIY, one of the titles Lindell mentioned made it to the most downloaded mobile games of June 2022 and the most downloaded hyper-casual games in Q2 2022 by AppMagic. The Swedish company’s games can be found across PC, consoles, handhelds, and mobile devices.

Embracer Group’s financial report for 2021 also shows significant growth and an increase in sales. However, the company faced heavy criticism just a few months ago when Saudi Arabia’s state fund Savvy Gaming Group purchased a $1bn stake in Embracer Group.

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