Emerging trends in the in-game ads industry and a brand new platform: Portuma

What innovations does Portuma offer for the game industry?
Portuma enters into the gaming industry.

Evaluating the developments in the game industry, OYUNDER Chairman of the Board Tansu Kendirli shared with us his assessment of the situation about Portuma and the game industry. The statements of Kendirli are as follows:

“Turkey is walking towards a more competent point in the game industry. In addition to creating successful games, it is gradually increasing its experience and quality in investment diversity, financing models, publishing, marketing, advertising, user acquisition cost optimization and developing and expanding in-game revenue models.

New companies working in these areas receive investments in an incredibly short period of two years. In this context, we can even talk about second and third round investments. In fact, they are entering an even faster growth trend by completing their entrance to the game industry.

The Portuma project is also a project that adopts in-house advertising. In the project, the game industry is integrated within the same ecosystem as the advertising industry. It can host game manufacturers who can advertise from the advertiser. Such an important project and examples are now in the news every day, increasing the appetite of both young people and investor candidates.

If we continue with examples, Dream Games achieved extremely bright results in less than 2 years. Many acceleration incubation programs have been and continue to be established. Funds that have obtained investment banking licenses have added the playing field to the special target area. Qualified examples like Admost have started helping game makers become even more successful.

We see that new projects such as Portuma, which aims to diversify the in-game advertising spaces we mentioned, are progressing rapidly. They are also focused on optimizing the cost of player acquisition. In short, the appetite of entrepreneurs and investors is increasing in almost every field in Turkey. Player acquisition and retention experience increases. It is certainly not an exaggeration to say that the next 10 years of the industry will be much more successful than the past 10 years.”

“What does the game industry promise us?”

Prof. Dr. Güven Çatak also told us his ideas and predictions about the rapidly developing and changing game industry:

“The game industry continues to break the ground not only in Turkey but also in the world. The market is almost reshaped with big acquisitions that have taken place in the last period. The journey of games, which started as entertainment, cultural object, educational tool and then turned into a service, especially with the emergence and development of the internet and smartphones, now finds new players on a much more meta-level. The rules of gaming are changing once again, as games and their components turn into values in decentralized exchanges and players become value producers. In this context, games and the game industry are becoming the favorite of both current economic systems and ‘value’ environments such as Metaverse.” Çatak stated and added that the promises for all these create an incredible human resource and production expectation.

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