Epic Games and Lego Group announce partnership

The partnership aims to ensure the safety of children and develop their creativity in the metaverse.
Lego and Epic Games came together for the safety of children.

Studies and productions for metaverse are increasing day by day. These days, we often hear metaverse news and witness the rise of new projects. Game companies often form partnerships for metaverse projects. Epic Games and Lego Group also announced their new partnership for the metaverse.

Children, as well as adults, will take part in the metaverse. We do not know what the children will encounter in the metaverse. As in every digital field, there will be content in the metaverse that can negatively affect children. At this point, Epic and Lego come together for an environment where children can be found safely.

A Metaverse Where Children Can Create Content

Epic and Lego plan to develop tools where kids can create and share content themselves. In this way, children will be able to participate in the metaverse with the content they produce. Niels Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group, explains:

“Kids enjoy playing in digital and physical worlds and move seamlessly between the two. We believe there is huge potential for them to develop life-long skills such as creativity, collaboration, and communication through digital experiences. But we have a responsibility to make them safe, inspiring, and beneficial for all. Just as we’ve protected children’s rights to safe physical play for generations, we are committed to doing the same for digital play. We look forward to working with Epic Games to shape this exciting and playful future.”

The agreement between Epic and Lego is based on three key points:

  • Protect children’s right to play by prioritizing safety and well-being
  • Protecting children’s privacy by prioritizing their interests
  • Giving both children and adults tools to exercise control over their digital experience

As you know, the Unreal Engine game engine belongs to Epic Games. The company is quite adept at developing many software tools. Also, in 2020, Epic Games acquired SuperAwesome. The purpose of this company was to “protect the online privacy” of children.

Tim Sweeney, CEO, and Founder of Epic Games, says:

“The LEGO Group has captivated the imagination of children and adults through creative play for nearly a century. And we are excited to come together to build a space in the metaverse that’s fun, entertaining, and made for kids and families.”

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