The first NFT game on the Epic Games Store has been announced!

Gala Games’ battle royale game Grit will be the first NFT game on the Epic Games Store.
grit first Epic Games NFT game
Wild west themed NFT game Grit is coming soon to Epic Games Store

The rise of Web3 games has caused various fluctuations in the gaming markets. While some developers have turned to blockchain and NFT games with great appetite, some companies have distanced themselves from such games. Sometimes companies or players opposed NFT and blockchain games.

In October 2021, Steam took a radical decision regarding blockchain games and banned this new game genre. Right after this ban, Epic Games announced that it would include blockchain games in its store. The first NFT game to take place on the Epic Games Store has recently been announced.

Gala Games’ Grit will be the first NFT game on the Epic Games Store. The wild west themed game in the battle royale genre will feature many NFT elements such as horses, saddles, and characters. Players will struggle to survive on horseback in open fields and towns.

Epic Games, one of the important participants of the traditional game industry, will include NFT and blockchain games in its game store will directly affect today’s Web3 game discussions. Grit will be one of the first NFT games with the potential to reach such a large user base with the power of Epic Games.

While some argue that NFT games give players real ownership rights, some oppose these systems and even accuse some blockchain games of being a “Ponzi.” It is still debated whether blockchain games are the future or opportunism. Valve and companies with similar views distanced themselves from these game types and took a clear stance. On the other hand, as in the case of SEGA, some companies wanted to make blockchain games, but their players were against it.

The fact that Epic Games will include Grit in the application store also brought some discussions. The most obvious is that the blockchain technologies used by Gala Games -Proof-of-work- are not environmentally friendly. Environmentalists want action in this regard, and some companies, such as Azerion, are switching to low-carbon blockchain technologies.

On the other hand, it is stated in various sources that Gala Games users are frequently exposed to blockchain thefts and scams. Such situations are often caused by user mistakes and are not entirely caused by Gala Games’ security problems. In any case, some users are concerned about Gala Games’ security systems. Grit seems to directly impact both the NFT game perception and the reputation of Gala Games in this entire ecosystem.

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