Eric Seufert launches a $10 million fund with support from Supercell and Huuuge Games

Eric Seufert brings together many famous names and expands funding opportunities.
Eric Seufert giving a speech
Eric Seufert is very successful in bringing investors together.

Mobile game marketing analyst Eric Seufert has launched a $10 million fund with the support of 38 investors. Supporting investors include Supercell, Christian Calderon from Gamejam, and Huuuge Games CEO Anton Gauffin.

Eric Seufert previously formed an informal syndicate called Heracles Capital around the Mobile Dev Memo Slack group. After a while, the difficulties and problems experienced by Heracles Capital, which reached 400 members, led to the closure of the union. After this initiative, Seufert continued his fundraising efforts, and the investors gathered around Heracles Capital retook action.

Eric Seufert is quite successful in attracting and bringing investors together. In addition to the names above, these 38 investors include media investment bank Aream, Forte’s Chief Operating Officer Chris Akhavan, and Google’s former Product Director Ari Paparo. Paparo states that he accepted the offer from Seufert as soon as he saw it and makes the following comment:

“Eric knows more about mobile marketing than I do about adtech. There’s still enormous innovation taking place in the mobile ecosystem, but it often is walled off from the more traditional adtech circles in which I live. So I welcomes the opportunity to get access to that deal flow.”

Speaking to Business Insider, Seufert said:

“The operating mantra of the fund is investing in the future of mobile growth. My theory is that mobile is the dominating computing platform of my lifetime, and I don’t think that changes.”

Heracles Capital fund has made 13 investments, including blockchain game studio Laguna Games. After the new $10 million fundraisers, the organization will continue to provide strategic and financial support to mobile game companies.

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