Facebook Gaming intimidates its competitors with its statistics

Facebook Gaming stats continue to increase positively.
Facebook Gaming
Facebook Gaming

Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of Facebook Gaming, it has managed to become the fastest rising live streaming platform worldwide, with a noticeable increase in statistics compared to its competitors. According to data provided by Safe Betting Sites, Facebook Gaming reached 1 billion views in the first quarter of 2021, 91% more than in the same period of the previous year.

Facebook Gaming was watched over 1 billion hours in a quarter

Facebook Gaming was launched in 2018 as a social networking platform that allows gamers to broadcast live games. When Facebook Gaming was first launched, there were already highly popular live game streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming. So it was obvious that they were entering a serious competition. Despite all this, Facebook Gaming achieved very good success right after its debut and managed to be among its strong competitors.

facebook gaming statistics
Market sharing for the top 3 streaming platforms.

While the total number of games that can be live-streamed on Facebook Gaming has also increased, the data show us that Facebook Gaming has streamed a total of 19.5 million hours in the first quarter of 2021. This rate seems to be an increase of 34.5% compared to the last quarter of 2020. In addition to this, the number of unique channels increased from 1.16 million to 1.56 million, making Facebook Gaming own the highest unique channels of all time.

facebook gaming statistics
Facebook Gaming’s year-over-year watching statistics.

Can Facebook Gaming beat YouTube Gaming in 2021?

Rex Pascual, the e-sports editor of Safe Betting Sites, says;

“Facebook Gaming has grown by leaps and bounds since its launch in 2018. The strength of the FB brand and network combined with the lockdowns of the pandemic stricken 2020, gave the platform the ability to grow rapidly in a short amount of time. Based on the current figures from Q1 2021, FB.GG looks set to overtake YouTube Gaming as Twitch’s closest rival within the calendar year.”


Source: Safe Betting Sites


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