Flexion to bring Age of Apes to alternative app stores

This is the third agreement tap4fun has made with Flexion, allowing it to bring its third game to alternative app stores.
An in game screenshot of groups of armoured apes attacking a tower with modern weaponry

Developer tap4fun and games marketing company Flexion have signed an agreement to publish Age of Apes on alternative app stores. Flexion will distribute the hit game on the Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store in Q1 2023, and also on the ONE Store once the game is launched in South Korea.

Tap4fun’s hit game Age of Apes generates around $1 million in monthly revenues on Google Play according to the developer’s data. Flexion’s distribution services will require little work and upfront costs for tap4fun while bringing the game to a wider audience. Flexion currently averages around 10% extra revenue for Android games it distributes and has recently announced that it generated around $50 million in revenue for Android game developers in the last 12 months by bringing games to the alternative app stores.

Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion said, 

“Alternative app store distribution is our core business so we understand them in depth. Our team has the expertise, experience, and technology no one else can offer. We can’t wait to bring a new audience of paying players to Age of Apes.” 

Tap4fun has also extended its partnership with Flexion to keep its other games, Kingdom Guard and Kiss of War on alternative app stores until February 2024.

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