Forge Games received its first investment from WePlay Ventures

by Berçem Sultan Kaya
Forge Games

Developing games in idle and puzzle genres, Forge Games received a seed investment from WePlay Ventures with a valuation of 2.6 Million TL. The mobile game studio, founded by 4 young entrepreneurs, aims to become one of the most important game studios in the world by expanding its teams with the investment they receive.

They aim to make a sound by creating successful idle games

Forge Games, which was established within the Digi Game Startup Studio consists of game developers and designers. 4-person team develops idle games that have become popular especially recently. Idle games are based on the players making some improvements and expansions that usually happen in an endless loop. This type of games is distinguished by the fact that they continue to improve themselves even when the player is not in the game, keeping the players constantly in the game and making them addicted to themselves.

Forge Games aims to expand its experienced teams with the investment they have received, to make a sound by developing successful games of this genre, and to become one of the most important game studios in the world.

“We will lock the players on the screen with the games we will develop.”

The Forge Games team stated that they have developed games in several genres on this journey, which they started out as 4 friends. Finally, they aim to reach millions of people by developing games in the idle type that they see themselves as the most successful.

“We can state that we are very happy to receive investment from the most important investor company of the gaming industry, like WePlay Ventures, who trusts us on this path we have set out on and supports us strategically and financially. Idle type is a very popular game genre in the games industry. In this context, we aim to lock the players on the screen by developing unique and successful games in the idle genre in different concepts and contents with our team that.”

WePlay Ventures Managing Partner Bora Koçyiğit stated that “As WePlay, we are continuing our investments in the new year, and we are announcing our second investment during the year. We believe that the Forge Games team will be positioned among the important studios of the idle genre as a young, enthusiastic, and dynamic team.”

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