Fortnite may return to iOS via Geforce Now

Fortnite may return to iOS.
fortnite ios
Fortnite may return to iOS.

Nvidia‘s efforts to bring GeForce Now to Apple devices could make Fortnite return to iOS. According to the news published by the BBC, the company is developing a version of the cloud game service GeForce Now for the Safari browser.

It is unclear when the service will be available on iOS yet, but it seems like an announcement might come before the winter holidays.

Currently, iOS users cannot download games from storefronts other than the App Store, but third-party services running on internet browsers are not restricted in any way.  In this way, Epic Games’ Fortnite can bypass the App Store and take its place again on Apple devices.

Still, the tension between Epic Games and Apple should not be forgotten at this point.  Although GeForce Now will come to the Safari browser, Fortnite can be excluded from the game portfolio on Apple devices.

Epic Games implemented direct in-game payments to reduce the App Store’s platform fees. Then, Apple removed Fortnite from its store in August. As a result, the two companies will stand trial in May 2021.

On the subject of GeForce Now, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney announced that the games sold through the Epic Games Store will work in the cloud game service.

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