Free Fire partners with McLaren Racing

Free Fire announces a new collaboration!
Free Fire and McLaren Racing announced their partnership.

The popular survival game of recent years, Free Fire, announced its partnerships with Formula 1’s popular team McLaren Racing.

There will also be an F1 pilot in Free Fire events!

As a result of the agreement, there will be some promotions on social media as well as in-game events. The McLaren signature car McLaren P1 and its exclusive version for the game, the MCLFF, will be presented to players. There is also a special racetrack for these cars test drive on training island in Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory.

As part of this collaboration, the original colors McLaren papaya and blue rider overalls selected by McLaren founder Bruce Mclaren will also be added to the game. During this collaboration period, McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris will also take part in various events.

Mark Waller, Commercial Director of McLaren Racing, commented on this collaboration: “We are excited to collaborate with Free Fire for the in-game McLaren Racing integration. Our fans are always looking for a way to connect with our team, and this integration makes this accessibility a new and exciting one. It’s an excellent collaboration where the games continue to grow and McLaren wants to be a part of. “

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