Full-screen ad eCPMS showed growth across all mobile markets in Q2 2022

The index was created by Appodeal’s Marc Llobet, Pavel Golubev and Sergey Baranov.
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“The current ad ecosystem is in a state of total upheaval,” says Randy Barenscott, the General Manager at BidMachine, Appodeal Stack, and adds “Publishers and advertisers alike are reconfiguring and re-optimizing their monetization strategies in real time as things evolve.”

The digital spaces have always been in an ever-changing state and one can hardly find a bone to pick with Barenscott’s comments above. The majority of mobile games follow a free-to-play model, basing their revenue on in-app advertising, and their users have different needs, wants and behaviors depending on where they’re placed. Examining this digital ad space and focusing on the post-lockdown period, Appodeal realized full-screen ad eCPMS showed growth across all mobile markets in Q2 2022 among many other key findings.

Interstitial ads show growth across all mobile markets

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According to Appodeal’s extensive Mobile In-App Ad Monetization Performance Index, prepared by the Founder and CEO Pavel Golubev, Lead Product Marketing Manager Marc Llobet, and Lead Design Generalist Sergey Baranov, the full-screen ad eCPMs have grown across all mobile markets in Q2 of 2022, including all the sub-regions the report discusses.

The index includes extensive data from six regions: the USA, Europe (West and East separately), the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. The data source also holds over 200 billion impressions coming from more than 70 ad demand sources across iOS and Android.

Per Appodeal’s index, besides iOS full-screen ads in USA, all markets have seen significant year-over-year growth in eCPMs. The previous period for the USA shows $10.77 for full-screen ad eCPM, while the current 12-month period suggests shows a decrease, down to $9.58. However, Android data speaks of positive results, growing to $11.06 from $9.91 a year before.

In Europe, the growth of eCPMs across iOS and Android are minor but at a steady rate. However, the western side of the continent experienced a better rate of growth here, despite being on the more expensive side already.

In Asia, full-screen ads eCPM jumps to $4.18 from $3.23 on iOS and to $1.91 from $1.50 on Android. The Middle East also goes through a growth period, $1.96 on iOS (from $1.22) and $1.04 on Android (from $0.78).

Latin America also shows signs of growth in the last 12-month period compared to the previous one. For iOS, a jump from $1.67 to $1.81 is observed, meanwhile for Android the jump is from $1.23 to $1.56.

Other key findings from Appodeal’s Index 2022

The ad mediation platform’s extensive research also brought up other key findings across the global mobile market.

  • Per this research, in the first half of 2022, the USA has kept steady fill rates and showed increased ARPU (average revenue per user). In this regard, all other regions experienced a strong decline in almost all key metrics.
  • eCPMs in the top 20 countries showed growth on iOS year-over-year, but the Android market didn’t experience the same positive change. However, it didn’t show a significant decline either and stayed somewhat stable.
  • Banner and eCPMs continue to show steady growth in emerging countries on iOS, but Appodeal says this may have led to plummeting fill rates in some European countries.
  • The index also suggests that the mobile gaming market is booming in the Middle East region. The data provider says this mobile games market has lucrative potential for ad monetization strategies and the index thoroughly explores the market.

Pavel Golubev, Founder & CEO of Appodeal Stack shared the following message with Mobidictum, pointing at the current state of the market and explaining how Appodeal can help companies with changes that alter the mobile industry;

“Recently, the ad-tech industry has rapidly consolidated into just a handful of big platforms, which has heavily restricted publishers’ options for finding transparent and neutral partners to work with.

“Publishers are already looking for ways to take back ownership and control of their data, to be more efficient and knowledgeable in their monetization and UA efforts.

“We fully support these actions that will alter the landscape once again and bring back the transparency this industry deserves.”

Appodeal’s solutions help you turn your mobile games and apps into hits, provided they have the potential to become the next hit. It’s one of the leading growth platforms out there on the mobile market and its detailed reports come in an interactive and easy-to-navigate method, making data collection and tracking more convenient, and less complicated. It also becomes easier to understand the data you’re reading.

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