Funika Games and Partner Republic collaborated for ad tech

Funika Games and Partner Republic have gone into a new agreement.
Funika Games Partner Republic
They will provide personalized advertising in the mobile game industry.

Partner Republic and Funika Games have come together and signed a new agreement to provide personalized advertising in the mobile game industry.

Funika Bilişim Chairman of the Board of Directors Civan Sözkesen made the following statements on the subject:

“Funika Games is a growing software company that provides many applications to the gaming industry. Considering the experience and the total number of users we have gained from our live and ongoing mobile games, we have signed a comprehensive agreement with Partner Republic to expand on ad tech to meet an important need of the industry.”

The process of productizing in ad tech

Taking advantage of the international experience of the SAS Analytics CI 360 Match platform, Partner Republic and Funika Games, which are preparing to productize in ad tech; stated that they are assertive about ad tech, where they will complete the productization process next month.

The statement made by Demet Yarkın, General Manager of Partner Republic, is as follows:

“Thanks to our cooperation with Funika Games, we will provide a new opening in both the in-game ad and digital advertising industry. If I need to summarize some of the achievements; As a result of the integration with DMP platforms, it is also possible to make the ad display process more efficient, to show the ad instantly in accordance with the user’s location, interests, user experience behavior, and to provide advertising revenue by quickly integrating into the world of mobile applications in both Android and iOS operating systems. is accelerated. We are proud and excited to be breaking new ground in a growing industry like the gaming industry these days, where the interest in monetization platforms is increasing day by day.”

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