Galaxy Fight Club partners with the most popular play-to-earn guilds

Play-to-earn guilds have grave importance in the ecosystem.
Galaxy Fight Club partners
Galaxy Fight Club signed agreements to strengthen the play-to-earn ecosystem.

Galaxy Fight Club announced that it has partnered with many play-to-earn game guilds. The cross-IP PvP game Galaxy Fight Club partners include famous guilds such as Yield Guild Games (YGG), Avocado Guild, Perion, PATH DAO, and Polemos. The Unsung Guild and Yunko Association, which have been with the game since the early days, will also continue to support the ecosystem.

Galaxy Fight Club’s affiliate list goes on and on with many more names like Cyberkongz, Illuvium, Animetas, Deadheads, BYOPill, Wicked Cranium. All guilds included in the partnership will now be able to log in to the game with their favorite NFTs.

What will guilds bring to the Galaxy Fight Club ecosystem?

Play-to-earn guilds have grave importance in the ecosystem. Emerging as a new business model of today, game guilds make many contributions to ecosystems and invest from time to time. Basically, guilds buy and lend game assets, allowing non-premium NFT players to earn more and get their share of that profit. In addition, guilds with large player bases mean many new players and gains for the games.

This strength of guilds makes them strong partners for play-to-earn games. In the case of Galaxy Fight Club, the awe-inspiring Genesis Galaxy Fights and Genesis weapon NFTs will be bought by these guilds and distributed to other players in need. With this system, Galaxy Fight Club will earn money by selling NFTs to guilds, Guilds will receive commissions by renting NFTs to other players, and players without purchasing power will earn money through stronger NFTs.

In summary, the system is pretty simple. Guilds take the expensive and premium NFTs and lease them to other players. So everyone becomes part of a more lucrative play-to-earn ecosystem.

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