Galaxy Fight Club raises $7 million

Galaxy Fight Club, which has recently announced its new partnerships, this time comes to the fore with the funds it collects from seeds and private sales.
Galaxy Fight Club continues to receive support.

Galaxy Fight Club is a Polygon-based crossover IP MOBA game. The game has raised $7 million from seed and private sales round led by Animoca Brands, Sequoia Capital India, and Skyvision Capital. The same game has recently come to the fore with its partnership with famous game guilds.

Galaxy Fight Club aims to be an open ecosystem where digital assets can work together seamlessly, with their IPs owned by players rather than companies. On this platform, players will be able to log into the game using their NFTs such as Bored Ape or Cryptoadz. In this way, NFTs of different platforms will meet in the same game.

In addition to those listed above, many additional investors were in the round. In the official newsletter released by Galaxy Fight Club, Galaxy Fight Club Founder Ado said:

“In Ready Player One there are different planets known for different experiences and players hop between each planet with their avatars. At the moment, most P2E games are still turn-based and not that enjoyable, Galaxy Fight Club is designed to be fun-to-play first, play-to-earn second. İn the future we see Galaxy Fight Club as that go-to planet for PvP experiences known for fighting, combat and excitement.”

Galaxy Fight Club wants to be a new P2E NFT planet.

Skyvision Capital Partner Patrick Wu said of the Galaxy Fight Club team:

“We see a huge potential of protocols integrating increased utility of their NFT’s rather than being solely a social status symbol. The team have a wealth of experience in understanding products to design an easy, fun, and interactive game combined with strong blockchain talent to integrate the P2E experience.”

Galaxy Fight Club has allocated 40% of its total token supply to its community through Genesis Galaxy Fighter NFTs. This is a significant ratio even for play-to-earn games. The cross-platform NFT system that the game is trying to create is the dream of many players. Thus, the meaning attributed to NFTs can become permanent and more valid.

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