Game devs will get access to Snap Kit through the Unity Asset Store

Snap Inc
Game devs will get access to Snap Kit.

Unity and Snap Inc have formed a partnership to make Snap’s technology available to game developers.

As part of the collaboration, mobile game developers will be able to access various features of the Snap Kit via the Unity Asset Store.  Players will be able to log in to games and share in-game images with their Snapchat accounts.

Thanks to the feature, not only screenshots but also gameplay videos can be broadcast within the game.  Special stickers of the brands can be added to the posts.  Additionally, Bitmoji integration for games is expected to come in 2021.

“There are games for all types of unique social situations and social groups,” said Snap Inc vice president of partnerships Ben Schwerin.

The Snap Kit and Bitmoji for Games integrations will unlock many new opportunities for game developers to reach audiences by allowing them to more easily share experiences with one another while increasing visibility of their games.”

Also, as of today, Unity Ads is now part of the Snap Audience Network (SAN).

We’re building on our commitment of enabling developer success at all stages of the game life cycle, from creation onwards,” said Unity vice president of revenue and operate solutions Julie Shumaker.

“Snap brings their vast advertiser community to the Unity ecosystem where they will reach highly engaged and valuable player audiences, while the verified elements from Snap used in games made with Unity will allow players to drive social sharing and game discovery.”

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