Game ON Mid Sweden reveals an event for budding Nordic game developers

Mid-Sweden’s biggest gaming hub launches a series of free workshops ahead of Investor & Publisher Connector, in partnership with Steel Media.
game on mid sweden
Game ON Mid Sweden offers a new event for the Nordic gaming scene.

Game ON Mid Sweden has announced Investor&Publisher Connector, a new virtual matchmaking event for hopeful game developers, taking place on 1st November. Hosted in partnership with Steel Media, the free event will offer the next generation of Nordic games developers the opportunity to meet with publishers and investors with the aim of securing support, investment, or building contacts. Aspiring game developers have a chance to take part in a series of free business development workshops.

game on mid sweden investor publisher connector
Swedish gaming cluster challenges problems and lack of support the Nordics face in the game industry.

Investor & Publisher Connector will give developers and designers the opportunity to kickstart their careers, forging a name for themselves among the investors in the game industry. Game developers will be able to match with organizations and individuals best suited to their needs and give them the opportunity to present their ideas and game concepts. In addition, game developers can take part in educational workshops. With a focus on growth, development, and recognition in Sweden’s booming game industry, Game ON Mid Sweden guides developers to the next stage of their budding careers.

As the global gaming industry continues to grow, Sweden stands out above the rest. In the last year, around one billion players have played a game made by the Swedes. The growth from 2009 to 2019 was substantial, including a 25- fold increase in total revenue from €91 million to €2,318 million according to the Game Developer Index.

Patty Toledo, Project Lead at Game ON Mid Sweden says:

“The game industry continues to build and grow and it’s my job to ensure that mid-Sweden is not left behind and has an equal chance against the rest of the world. It is great to get support from big names like Steel Media, and to have 9iNTERACTIVE and LEGENDARY.VC participating in such a life-altering event for these hopeful developers. A tremendous obstacle to becoming established in the games industry is being well connected with like-minded people, this Investor & Publisher Connector will help developers to meet and further build on these relationships. I cannot wait to see what is next.”

Ahead of Investor & Publisher Connector, Game ON offered multiple free workshops, to give participants the opportunity to be as prepared as they can be for the main event. These included “How to create a pitch deck” by PR guru Jacki Vause, CEO and Founder of Dimoso, “How to improve and showcase your game” by Sophia Drake, an expert in supporting Indie Developers and organizer of Steel Media’s event The Big Indie Pitch. But the students and first-time teams are not left behind, as Game ON is offering them a feedback pitching session as well. In this practice session, developers will pitch to publishers in an informal setting and receive tips and advice on how they should expertly present not only their games but themselves.

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