Gameguru’s Army Commander reaches 30 million downloads

The USA takes the top spot for lifetime downloads.
A blue soldier and a red soldier clashing against each other with tanks firing in the background

Turkish hyper-casual maker Gameguru’s Army Commander reached a new milestone and crossed 30 million downloads. The hit game only took about three months to reach this number and continues to go strong.

Army Commander is one of the most successful hyper-casuals of Q2 2022. The game accumulated most of its downloads from the USA, but other mobile markets also showed great interest in the title.

The game was an instant hit and caught the attention of the mobile games industry right away, as well as ours. We connected with Gameguru immediately and prepared a case study on how Army Commander achieved success in such a short time.

Gameguru’s COO Burak Behnan Ciftci talked to Mobidictum and said the following:

“As Gameguru, our motto is to create fun, high-quality, and user-friendly games. Army Commander is built with these qualities in mind, and we’re extremely happy to see the game having such success in a short time. Our game has seen over 30 million downloads in just three months, the US was the number one market, but the game is a hit on other mobile markets as well. 

“Army Commander’s retention, IAP rate, and session time among other KPIs show great statistics. The data we see here proves our success yet again.”

Burak Behnan Çiftçi also added that there’re more hit games coming from the studio soon, and assured that Gameguru’s core motto, high-quality and fun games, will be present in these titles too.

Ciftci thanked his teammates and players alike for their continuous support.

Army Commander is available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play. Gameguru’s hit title is one of the most downloaded hyper-casuals of Q2 2022.


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