GameIntel released by GameAnalytics

GameIntel moderates so many games already.

GameAnalytics has launched a new market technology platform called GameIntel, which it started to become the most accurate source on the market.


What does GameIntel plan to change in the industry?

With the launch of GameIntel, users can measure market data for top-performing games and publishers globally, recently released games, launch games, and trending games thanks to dashboards. The new service also includes in-depth classification of over 150,000 games across the entire store ecosystem, with game-specific mechanic level search capabilities to provide better market research.

GameIntel uses data from more than 140,000 games worldwide that have already integrated GameAnalytics and is based on the development of the company’s existing Benchmarks+ platform. It also provides ways to gain valuable data for developers, publishers, monetization managers, and other gaming industry professionals.

“GameIntel is an extension of our Benchmarks+ service and we see it as a ‘source of truth’ in the gaming industry,” GameIntel Manager Chay Hunter said in an interview with GamesBeat. “We can catch user retention trends for game genres and move away from the rumors.”

140,000 moderated games have an average of 1.7 billion players for more than 20 billion monthly single sessions. Prediction models powered by GameAnalytics network data. GameAnalytics was founded in 2012 by Danish serial entrepreneur Morten Wulff, who is the president of the company today. The company raised $8 million and was acquired by mobile advertising company Mobvista in 2016.

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