Gameloft opens a new studio in Paris, focusing on Free-to-play

The French mobile games publisher Gameloft is opening a new studio in Paris. It will helm a free-to-play game with cross-play on PC and consoles.
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Gameloft Paris is the newest addition to the ever growing Gameloft Studios.

France-based game creator and publisher Gameloft continues to expand as the company opens a whole new studio in Paris, making the total number of studios they own 18, and with the new additions, the studio now has more than 3,600 employees.

Dubbed Gameloft Paris, the studio is working on an already existing, but not yet announced free-to-play title that’ll be launched on PC and consoles, and the game will offer cross-play support at launch.

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Gameloft Paris aims to house 30 employees both industry veterans and young talents, and Julien Billard will helm the newly created studio with years of experience under his belt. The french developer and publisher is already on the hunt for talent for its new studio, however, there’s nothing concrete about what the game will be like besides that it’s a “sport-oriented experience for multiplayer” game.

Julien Billard, Gameloft’s experienced studio manager said:

I am very proud to head Gameloft’s first Parisian studio. The Parisian region is rich in talent, some just beginning their careers and others experienced professionals. It’s with this business incubator approach, supported by the group’s expertise, that we can make a difference. Our game, which is currently in development, will be the expression of this ambition and will meet our players’ expectations in a genre that is underrepresented in France.

The CEO of Gameloft, Stéphane Roussel also released a statement on the topic:

“Gameloft is an international and multicultural company—but its roots are in France. We are thrilled to be able to contribute to the development of this flourishing industry in the French market and offer new opportunities to talented people through the opening of this new studio in the heart of Paris.”

The French studio is a major player in the industry, owning successful franchises such as Asphalt Dragon Mania Legends, Modern Combat, and Dungeon Hunter.

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