GamerPro offers a new revenue stream in the mobile industry

by Berçem Sultan Kaya

GamerPro, which allows players to compete for real money prizes, offers a new revenue stream in the mobile esports industry. The company, which will launch a campaign with Seedrs to further grow the platform, plans to increase its power in esports in this way.

Mobile games are a growing part of esports

The mobile gaming market offers more than expected when it comes to esports experience. With games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang or Garena Free Fire, which reached extraordinary numbers in terms of both audience and player, mobile games have become a part of esports that has grown significantly.


A more casual alternative to professional esports

GamerPro, which came into play at this point, went into operation to better evaluate the esports potential of mobile games. By allowing players to compete for real money rewards, the platform also offers a new way to generate revenue streams for publishers.

Because the app only works with mobile games that are both skill-based and PvP game modes, it is positioned as a more casual alternative to professional esports. Here the players deposit some money before the game and the ultimate winners get the cash prize after the tournament.

Thanks to social distancing, the demand for PvP mode has increased significantly in mobile games

The company, which started its services in 2018, initially focused on sports-based console games. However, with the mobile platforms starting to gain a place in the esports scene, GamerPro decided to present Clash Royale, thus tripling its metrics.

Gary Sonyak

Gary Sonyak

According to Gary Sonyak, the CEO of Gamerpro, it was at this point that the company understood the power of the mobile gaming market. “It was a significant milestone and largely what started us off on the path to focusing only on mobile games.”

“Thanks to social distancing, the demand for PvP mode has increased significantly in mobile games.”

In early 2019, a new version of Gamerpro was released specifically optimized for mobile games. Subsequently, the team developed a business model that allows the platform to integrate mobile games with both skill-based and PvP game modes, offering mobile game publishers a new revenue stream through competitive P2P service.

Gamerpro will soon launch a campaign on Seedrs to further speed up its development and track it faster. Explaining the company’s decision to choose the crowdfunding route, Sonyak emphasized the importance of the community.

“We’ve long understood how the community is vital for gaming companies, that’s why we’ve decided to go all-in and offer mobile gamers and publishers a seat at the table. We will be part-owned by our players, as we look to stay true to our message: ‘Make Every Game Count’.”


Gamerpro plans to use its funds to accelerate the company’s application programming interface (API) development, as well as expand its partner processing team and optimize its skill-based matching systems.

“Based on our current market research, social distancing accelerates multiplayer mobile gaming. That’s why we will continue to focus on mobile games which are both skill-based and have PvP game modes. We will make every game count!”

Gamerpro is trying to firmly place itself in the mobile esports ecosystem. The crowdfunding initiative will not only help the company in terms of investment, but will also highlight the need for a mobile platform. However, given Gamerpro’s early success in this area, the desire for this platform seems clear enough.

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