Games development with IP – Geraint Bungay

Boss Bunny Games co-founder Geraint Bungay covered the details of game development with IPs at MBN#3.
Boss Bunny Geraint Bungay
Boss Bunny Games founder Geraint Bungay shared his knowledge by joining MBN#3.

Geraint Bungay, co-founder and CEO of Boss Bunny Games, which developed the CZN Burak game, talked about how to develop a game on an existing IP.

Bungay started his speech with the difficulties of working with an IP and what kind of lessons he has learned in the past. After all, he gave the following words;

“I’ve been working with IPs for many years. I actually made a game with UK-based Premier League team Manchester United. I made their first, I still believe only, mobile game. That brought a lot of lessons to me around working with IP, especially working with personalities, image rights, and agents, which was an interesting thing as well. “

Afterward, Bungay, referring to the game development stages over an IP, says that mostly a fee must be paid for using IPs.

“You are usually paying to make that game. You are also sometimes additionally purchasing the rights to use that IP. The constitution of the deal can vary in terms of. You can pay for the IP and make whatever you want or you can work with the IP rights holder and share revenue with them.“

Continuing his speech on the importance of communication with IP owners, Bungay mentions that it is necessary to understand and follow them well.

“Keep communicating with the IP rights holder. Make them understand it is an iterative process. It would help if you had their feedback all the time. Don’t expect to sign off a game design document, and we’ll come back to you within eight months of the game. We need your feedback all the time. And also, don’t fool yourself into thinking you can do that, especially with IP, because they need to check all the time. And also IP and people’s brands aren’t static; they move.”

Apart from these, Bungay, who gave information about the update process of the game, said that IPs are not accessible and require a lot of patience and understanding. At the end of his speech, he answered questions from the audience with the founder and managing director of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan.

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