Games Gathering Odessa 2021

Get ready for the summer season!
Games Gathering Odessa 2021
Games Gathering Odessa 2021

Many of us missed the live events immensely. Get ready for the summer season! Games Gathering announces a summer conference to take place in Odessa, both online and live!

Games Gathering Odessa 2021 is an international game conference held in Odessa. The event will be a great opportunity for those inside or interested in the gaming industry to rise to the professional level and meet new business partners (publishers, investors, and service providers).

Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to be part of a game conference where experienced developers will share their experiences and reveal the most interesting professional secrets. There are free stands for independent developers, and they will be able to participate in the INDIE BLAST showcase to showcase their projects and apply to be the best in the Indie Blast Awards competition.

What awaits you at the Games Gathering Odessa 2021 event?

Games Gathering Odessa 2021
Games Gathering Odessa 2021

30/06 – 01/07 – Online conferences will take place on the PINE platform. You will have the opportunity to live streams of three online lectures, roundtables, virtual sponsors, and independent developer booths, and schedule online meetings with partners.

02/07 – Business ticket holders and conference speakers were invited to the SEA PRE-PARTY, which will be held on the open seas in the evening. Cool drinks and pleasant music with the sound of waves will accompany this experience.

03/07 – 04/07 – Two days of the LIVE event will be held at Gagarinn Hotel in Arcadia. The main conference party will take place on July 3rd.

(Please note that the online event platform will continue to function normally during a live event, including holding online meetings and watching live streams.)

At the Games Gathering Odessa 2021 event you will find:

  • Lessons from the industry’s leading experts,
  • Indie showcase full of interesting projects,
  • Competitions from sponsors and partners,
  • Parties on the Black Sea coast,
  • Free beer.

As always, the GG Team will provide you with a journey from Kiev to Odessa by GameDev Buses. The departure time will be announced later on Games Gathering social media. As visitor safety is a priority, the GG Team will maintain quarantine measures that performed well at last year’s event.

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