GameStop accused of labor law violation

The former GameStop employee claimed that the company violated labor laws.
GameStop Case
GameStop has been accused of labor law violations by a former employee.

A former GameStop employee is suing the company for alleged New York Labor Code violations. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in New York’s eastern district court by Trevon Mack, a GameStop retail employee from 2016 to 2020.

In the lawsuit, Mack and his lawyer said that GameStop employees were described as “manual laborers,” meaning that 25% of their job required them to do errands such as organizing warehouses, moving packages, and standing a long shift. GameStop allegedly pays its workers fortnightly, but New York Labor Code Section 191 requires companies to pay employees classified as manual workers every week. According to the indictment filed in the case, the company said it did not do this and violated the state’s labor law.

The proposed class-action lawsuit includes hundreds of current employees and former GameStop employees. Mack and his lawyer want the court to designate GameStop employees as “manual laborers.” If the case is against GameStop, the company will have to pay.

Over the past few years, GameStop employees have faced harsh working conditions and extreme pressure from bosses. GameStop employees claimed that the company failed to protect its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic adequately.

GameStop also owes $30 million to Boston-based consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, which sued the retail company in March.

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