Gamestream and Chunghwa Telecom launch iOS cloud gaming app

Gamestream and Chunghwa Telecom launch iOS cloud gaming app

B2B cloud gaming company Gamestream partnered with Chunghwa Telecom to launched the Hami 5G iOS mobile app in Taiwan.

The two companies began to work together on Hami 5G iOS app in 2020. The app is powered by Gamestream’s technology and video game content from its cloud gaming service. Hami 5G iOS mobile app offers access to over 65 iconic console titles, delivers high-performance iOS cloud gaming.

“Gamestream leads in cloud gaming technology innovation. In November 2020, we pioneered and brought to market Progressive Web Application technology ahead of any other technology company, enabling cloud gaming beyond the App Store,” said Gamestream CEO Ivan Lebeau. “Our mission is to deliver the most advanced cloud gaming technology in the world, meeting best-in-class industry standards, enabling platform-agnostic cloud gaming on any platform.”

“Chunghwa Telecom’s successful deployment of the Hami 5G iOS cloud gaming app enables 5G iOS customers to experience console-quality titles across any iOS device including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.”

In fact, the Hami 5G iOS mobile app was originally released for Android devices. However, when the company received a lot of requests from iOS users, it preferred to move the application to the App Store.

“At Gamestream, we’re pleased to see the Hami 5G iOS app available now in the App Store. This perhaps indicates greater receptiveness to cloud gaming on the part of Apple.” 

Gamestream currently has partnerships with many major game publishers such as Capcom, Codemasters and Konami. The company also announced that its new partnership with Deep Silver, the publisher of games such as Metro Exodus and Persona 5. The deal eventually added seven Deep Silver titles to the cloud game library.

There are currently more than 300 games in Gamestream’s library, which can be accessed from Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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