Gamma Data says China’s game market revenue continues to decline in May

The Chinese gaming market has seen a 6.74% drop this month compared to last year.
China Game Industry
The decline is said to be due to the regressions of mobile games.

China-based game research organization Gamma Data has released the May 2022 Game Industry Report. According to Pandaily, it is stated that the Chinese game market decreased by 6.74% to 22,919 billion yuan (3.4 billion dollars) due to the fluctuations in the mobile game industry.

The Chinese game industry, which experienced a decrease of 2.15% compared to the previous month and 10.85% compared to last year, fell to 16.595 billion yuan. This decrease is attributed to the general declines experienced by the games and the inability of new games. In decline experienced in overseas markets, the situation decreased to 1.446 billion dollars with 5.80%.

MOBA was the most striking genre in terms of improvement compared to last year. MOBA games managed to have a higher turnover share than the previous year, thanks to the rising performance of League of Legends: Wild Rift, developed by Riot Games.

As reported by Pandaily, the increase in the turnover share of RPG games is due to Fantasy Westward Journey’s good performance and the game’s online version.

The first three games among the top 10 products of the turnover list for May 2022 did not leave their place. It also seems that Naruto: Ultimate Storm and Infinite Borders are back on the list.

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