Genshin Impact Revenues

We prepared a report on the revenues of Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Revenues- mihoyo revenues
Genshin Impact revenues are dazzling.

Genshin Impact is frequently on the agenda with its revenues. The very popular game has always been at the top of the income lists of recent times. So how much revenue does Genshin Impact generate? What are the sources of income?

How much revenue does Genshin Impact generate?

We often see Genshin Impact in published game industry reports. The game earned $1 billion in revenue within six months of its release. Genshin Impact’s revenues were $148 million in March 2021 alone. Another report stated that Genshin Impact players spent $151 million in one week.

Genshin Impact’s revenues made it the 3rd highest-paid game throughout 2021. According to the report covering January 1 – December 14, 2021, Genshin Impact generated $1.8 billion in revenue throughout 2021.

In 2021, Genshin Impact generated $1.8 billion in revenue.

Genshin Impact revenue sources

One of Genshin Impact’s sources of income is player spending. In-game purchases make up a large portion of Genshin Impact’s revenues. Genshin Impact’s in-game purchase revenues for 2020-2021 are pretty high.

Genshin Impact in-game purchase and download graphic

The in-game purchase method is the primary source of income in many games. Genshin Impact is one of them. Players make the game earn significant revenues with their expenses. For example, with these in-game purchases, Genshin Impact ranked second among the top-grossing games in September 2021.

Top revenue games for September 2021.

Much of this purchasing power comes from China. The game, which is quite famous in China, is loved and played. Genshin Impact’s revenues are not surprising given China’s population and player count.

Genshin Impact offers cute and open gameplay. The game, which is in a pleasant atmosphere, especially for JRPG type servers, also appeals to western players. Thus, the popularity of the game in the world is increasing.

Genshin Impact has enjoyable gameplay, various in-game contents, and a structure that you can play alone or with your friends. When these features come together, a world emerges where you can spend time with pleasure. Also, some players are showing interest in the game as they think miHoYo’s marketing strategy for Genshin Impact is “honest.” Genshin Impact is a rich game with a sense of exploration and various quests, characters, and equipment.

Genshin Impact Advantages

Here are some of the aspects of Genshin Impact that are loved by the players:

  • Amazing visuals
  • An addictive open world full of activities
  • Game design that does not force the player to spend money
  • Successful handling of role-playing mechanics
  • Simple but satisfying combat
  • Quests are fun and diverse
  • Tons of free content

Players state that they love Genshin Impact thanks to these features. Of course, some points are seen as a disadvantage by the players.

Genshin Impact Disadvantages

  • Character gacha (chance to obtain) rates are quite low
  • Progress and interesting game features are frustratingly gated at times
  • A bevy of controller issues on PC
  • There are limitations on the content you can play with your friends
  • The story can be difficult to follow

These are the disadvantages we mentioned above, the issues mentioned by the players who reviewed the game at various stages. Over time, some of these problems may have been resolved.


Genshin Impact’s revenues are close to $2 billion. The game is played a lot, especially in China, and it generates high income. Each player enjoys the game for their own unique reasons. Players spend money on the game, although it is not mandatory. The marketing success of miHoYo, the developer and publisher of Genshin Impact, is also highlighted here. The company, which has managed to make an enjoyable game with a clever design, earns a lot of money with Genshin Impact.

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