Gismart and Snapchat’s games reach 90 million players

Friends Quest, which Gismart launched on Snapchat in September, has been played by 4.8 million players since its release.
Gismart Snapchat games
The partnership of Gismart and Snap Inc. creates new opportunities in the mobile gaming industry.

Friends Quest was released as a result of the previously signed agreement between Gismart and Snapchat to cover multiple games. The real-time, multiplayer and competitive platform game drew attention with its 4.8 million players, which it reached right after its release. The total number of players brought by the Gismart and Snapchat agreement reached 90 million.

Friend Quest was developed using PlayCanvas, the first web-based 3D game engine for developers to create HTML5 games. Before Friend Quest, the third game developed due to the agreement, Color Galaxy and Crazy Run were released, and the total player count of the three titles reached 90 million players. Currently, Gismart is developing the fourth game for Snapchat.

Snapchat games
Snap Inc. is expanding its game library.

Lana Meisak, Gismart’s vice president of business development and marketing, stated that social platform games are promising as an alternative to hyper-casual games. Her explanation on the subject was as follows:

“We see social platform games as a business with sustainable growth potential for Gismart. With Snapchat, the chances of releasing a hit game are higher than in today’s hyper-casual world. Color Galaxy, our first game on Snapchat, is comparable to successful hyper-casual games in terms of both player count and profits.”

Snap Games is a system built for synchronized play that allows gameplay without the need to install a separate application. This multiplayer platform allows people to play together without breaking the game structure and without putting the players in extra trouble.

Color Galaxy Snapchat
The success of the Color Galaxy game has been the building block of Gismart and Snapchat.

Snapchat has an average of 293 million daily users. The age profiles of Snapchat users are also suitable for gaming initiatives. For example, nearly three-quarters of Americans aged 13 to 14 are known to be active in this medium. These statistics indicate that Snapchat will continue to create great opportunities for mobile game developers.

Pedro Rodrigues, Snap Inc.’s head of EMEA gaming partnerships, said the following about Gismart:

“With Snapchat, players can play games with their friends by taking advantage of our in-game social features such as voice and chat. Gismart continues to take full advantage of our social features and is leading the trend for innovative, hyper-social gaming experiences.”

How was the Snapchat and Gismart partnership established?

The partnership between Gismart and Snapchat was established in 2019 with the release of Color Galaxy, originally developed for Snap Games. Since its worldwide release in 2020, the game has grown to over 41 million players with over 132 million gaming sessions. This successful result paved the way for the two companies to expand the agreement and form a partnership.

Pedro Rodrigues made the following statement on this subject:

“Color Galaxy has been a hit on our platform with over 45 million Snapchat users playing since launch. We’re partnering with Gismart to bring more games to our growing community of 265 million Snapchat users every day and help personalize the player experience across Gismart’s iOS and Android games with our Bitmoji avatars. We’re excited to expand.”

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