Gismart surpassed 1 billion downloads in total with 450 million hyper-casual downloads

Mobile app developer Gismart has announced that it has surpassed one billion total downloads in more than 50 apps and games.
Gismart 1 billion downloads
Gismart announced that it has exceeded 1 billion downloads, with 450 million hyper-casual downloads.

London-based hyper-casual game developer Gismart has announced that it has surpassed a total of one billion downloads in more than 50 apps and games. According to the company’s statement, since entering the game market in 2019 and starting game development, it has seen a total of 450 million downloads of its mobile games alone.

Developing applications in many different categories from hyper-casual games to music and entertainment, Gismart launched 15 new games this year. Its games have been downloaded 230 million times in the last 12 months. The most downloaded game was Body Race with over 50 million downloads. Pencil Rush and Foil Turning 3D followed it with more than 40 million downloads in 2021.

Dmitri Lipnitsky, the Co-Founder and CEO of Gismart, made the following comments;

“One billion downloads is a significant milestone for the company and our partner studios. We will continue to focus on launching new games and growing our entertainment and wellness portfolio.”

Gismart plans to enter the casual-puzzle industry with several games currently in development following its success in the hyper-casual space.

Earlier this year, Gismart signed a multi-game partnership agreement with Snapchat. The first three games had nearly 90 million downloads by mid-October.

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