Global mobile games report for April: Roblox’s fall continues

According to SocialPeta’s App Intelligence, we’ve listed the top games in terms of downloads, revenue, and advertising, both on the global and US side.
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SocialPeta has produced a new report based on revenue, downloads and advertising data.

According to SocialPeta‘s App Intelligence, we have compiled a list of mobile games that will enter the top 10 applications in terms of downloads, revenue, and advertising, both globally and in the USA, in April 2022.

Top 10 by revenue

Global Mobile Game Revenue TOP 10 – SocialPeta

Genshin Impact seems to have managed to stop the revenue recession problem it has experienced in the past period. The game, which has increased in revenue, generated $ 66.5 million in revenue in April (a 7% increase compared to the previous month). However, in SocialPeta’s view, the game’s revenues will decline from May.

The income decline that Roblox has experienced since March continues. The game, which ranked lower on iOS and Android, earned $ 70.5 million in April, with a 21.2% decrease compared to the previous month in the App Store. It should be noted that the game left the list of the best games in terms of income for the first time in 2022.

In April, many games experienced an increase in their revenues thanks to various events. The best example we can give would be Aniplex’s game Fate/Grand Order. The game achieved a 156% increase in Google Play compared to last month.

Top 10 Games by Download

Global Mobile Game Download TOP 10 – SocialPeta

Judging by the global download numbers, Subway Surfers was the first on the list on both iOS and Android. In April, the game achieved 5.5 million downloads in the App Store, an increase of 17% compared to the previous month, and 18.7 million downloads in Google Play, a rise of 20.6% compared to the last month.

Published by Rollic Games, Fill The Fridge! managed to maintain second place in the App Store list with 3.4 million downloads, although it decreased by 17.1% compared to the previous month. The number of downloads fluctuates, thought to be related to the game’s variable advertising strategy.

Downloads on the App Store side seem more stable than Google Play fluctuations. The highest growth was seen in Miniclip’s simulation game Carrom Pool. The game reached 1.08 million downloads, showing a 25.6% growth compared to the previous month. The most significant drop was seen in Merge Master, the arcade game of Homa Games. The game achieved 1.2 million downloads, a decrease of 51.4% compared to the previous month.

Top 10 Games by Ad

Global Mobile Game Advertising TOP 10 – SocialPeta

When we look at the ad data for April, AntWars, the ant-themed SLG game published by Eskyfun, managed to get first place in the iOS ad list. The game concentrated its ads in China’s Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan regions. Since its official release on April 25, China’s Taiwan region has managed to top the list of free games on the App Store for four consecutive days.

The newly released Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is the second NFT game to hit the chart after Trivia Blitz debuted in March. Although it is a new NFT game, it has many different categories. The game’s company has also developed the role-playing – blockchain game called Ragnarok Online and has focused its advertisements on Southeast Asia. This redundant advertising strategy and multiple categories made the game quickly attract attention.

Top 10 Games by Advertisement in the US

Top Ads US SocialPeta
Mobile Game Advertising TOP 10 in the US – SocialPeta

When we look at the April data of the USA, it is seen that the casual game of SONOW, Car Fix Tycoon, took first place in the Android US market. We see that Two Dots and a few other puzzle games are also increasing in the number of ads.

Matchingham Games’ matching game Braindom has published 5700 unique ads on iOS and Android. On the iOS side, 1100 advertising games increased by 36.1% compared to last month. On the Android side, 4600 ads were given, an increase of 57.5% compared to the previous month.

Fill The Fridge! started to end the extensive advertising campaign in its early period and changed its strategy to have 3500 personal ads separately on the iOS and Android platforms. As a result, there is a similar decrease in the downloads of the game, which saw a 1.4% decrease compared to the previous month on Android.


Raporun geneline baktığımızda Genshin Impact özelinde bir gelir artışı gözlemleyebiliriz. Fate/Grand Order’ın aldığı etkinlik güncellemeleri ise oyunun gelirlerinde zirveye ulaşmasını sağlarken diğer bir yandan Fill The Fridge! ise yüksek indirme sayılarını korumaya devam ediyor.

NFT games, on the other hand, have risen to the top of the list in terms of advertisements. While new phenomena emerged in the Southeast Asian region, it is also seen that Two Dots won first place in terms of advertising in the puzzle category on the US side.

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