Google Indie Games Programs are back to help indie devs

Google is back with two indie-focused events to help developers grow their games: The Indie Games Accelerator and the Indie Games Festival.
Google Indie Games Programs cover
Google is here to help you grow your indie game.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small indie studio with almost nothing to show or an established independent company with a high-quality game or two, Google is covering all grounds once again with the Indie Games Accelerator and the Indie Games Festival.

Google wants to help indie game developers evolve their games and teach them how they can grow as a video games company. The industry giant is also cooking up a festival in which you can showcase your top-notch indie game to gaming experts and of course, to players.

Both programs will be digital this year and Google asks you to submit a game by 1st July, 1 pm CET, that’s of course if you want to enter the 2022 edition.

What is Google Indie Games Accelerator?

Google will help you grow not only as a developer but as a games company.

This program is great for smaller studios that are looking to improve as a company. The Indie Games Accelerator is a 10-week long program in which you’ll get mentorship from industry and Google experts, plus there’ll be lots of training sessions and workshops specifically tailored for small indie studios.

This one brings you the best of what Google can offer for high-potential showing indie studios. Developers get to learn from the best, including Googlers and other known industry experts. The best part is the program educates you on the business side of things as well, which is just as important as developing skills when it comes to standing out as an indie developer.

What is Google Indie Games Festival?

The top three placed games will have “custom consumer-facing promotional campaigns” worth 100,000 euros.

Well, this program is the more obvious one, isn’t it? It’s an indie games festival, you can win promotions and prizes that will significantly improve the reach of your game. Imagine your game reaching thousands of players if not millions. This festival can help you achieve that dream, but of course, nothing is given.

Taking part in this competition will put your game in premium placements across Google Play’s gaming-related stores, as well as other Android marketing channels.

The jury will pick three winners. Top 10 and Top 20 placements will also receive prizes and will become eligible for some promotional campaigns supported by Google.


  • A custom consumer-facing promotional campaign worth 100,000 euros. 
  • Premium placement of your game in Google Play and consideration for placement in other collections. 
  • Promotions on Google Play marketing channels.
  • Consideration for “Best of Google Play” 2022. 


  • Inclusion of your game in a dedicated Top 10 Indie Games Festival collection on the Google Play Indie Corner. 


  • Inclusion of your game in a dedicated Indie Games Festival collection on the Google Play Indie Corner. 
  • Promotion on Google Play developer channels. 
  • Opportunity to showcase your game at the Festival finals. 

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