Google Workspace gets new features for remote working

Google Workspace will receive new features for the remote working model with new tools to classify focus time in Calendar and chat.
google workspace
Google Workspace gets new features for remote work.

Google Workspace will receive new features for the remote working model. Google will include new tools to classify focus time in Calendar and chat. Also, attending Google Meet conferences with multiple devices and the new office look on the home page are among the innovations. Google Assistant will also be included as Workspace beta and anyone can use it.

Google Workspace adapts to the remote working model

The company is currently focused on categorizing these new features it will bring. After the pandemic, many things that we can do in the office are left behind, we can even include the efficiency of the meetings. Google is trying to fix this problem with these new features.

google workspace
They want to create an office environment with these new features.

One of the best ways to do this is, for example, to determine your situation. For example, knowing the time when you are out of the office, adjusting your working hours and a new feature called Focus Time look like an office environment. When Focus Time is active, Google will limit some notifications when you are on company pages etc.

One of the useful things about Workspace is that it works with various tools such as Gmail and Chat. So, when you set your status, other tools will be notified and will adjust notifications accordingly. Although it is not like in the office, they try to bring the office atmosphere. Of course, in this case, the team will have to use Google tools, not Slack.

Google Calendar gets new statuses

The newest feature that came to the calendar was the “situation”. You can use your time efficiently and see how much time you spend in meetings with the situations, which are business-oriented and allow you to create a well-spent timetable. Google announced that this feature will only be available to employees so that bosses do not use it as an audit tool.

google calendar
You can see in detail how much time you spent.

Another beauty will be at Google Meet. This tool, which was previously connected with a single device, will now support more than one device. The purpose of this is to enable users to view the meeting while sharing their second screen. For example, if you are connected to the meeting with the laptop, you can also share the screen by chatting from the desktop computer next to you.

As the remote working model becomes widespread, it seems that the solutions offered by companies will increase. Google has taken one of the first steps on this path, and it seems that more new features will come for this working model.

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