Hardcore mobile gaming in Western Europe saw a 27% growth, hyper-casual down by 33%

Casual gamers saw growth too, however, hyper-casual gamer numbers declined.

According to a recent study conducted and published by India-based CyberMedia Research (CMR), in Western Europe, both hardcore mobile gaming and casual mobile gaming experienced growth year-over-year. However, hyper-casual gamer numbers declined drastically per the report.

CMR’s data suggests hardcore mobile gaming grew by 27% and casual mobile gamer numbers saw a growth of 8%, meanwhile, hyper-casual gamer numbers saw a decline of 32% in the region.

The report says hardcore gamers participate in 18 online gaming matches per day on average, and the increase in hardcore gaming is driven by game time, powerful smartphones becoming more accessible and the market itself becoming more mature.

CMR’s research also claims one-fifth of the total mobile gaming apps are paid apps in the region compared to the same period last year around, and players are more open to making in-game purchases post-covid period. The data provider also adds that they’ve recorded a 33% jump in the amount of time spent playing mobile games.

Prabhu Ram, Head-Industry Intelligence Group at CyberMedia Research said:

“Through the course of the pandemic, mobile gaming has been on the rise in Western Europe. Our mobile gaming insights in Western Europe point to an inflection in hardcore and casual mobile gamers, driven by smartphones across price tiers. In the Android smartphone market, the rise of these enhanced gaming experiences can be attributed to powerful smartphone processors.

“In the recent past, MediaTek has been able to make strong in-roads into the android smartphone gaming market, gaining consumer awareness and acceptance with its MediaTek Dimensity 5G and MediaTek Helio 4G chip series. Going forward, I believe the brand is potentially poised to make stronger market gains.”

The research company also believes that hardcore mobile gamers are becoming more aware of chipset brands as well as which products offer better game performances, faster loading times, and longer battery lives.

CMR’s mobile gaming survey covered 2036 mobile gamers living in major Western European cities, aged between 14 to 30.

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