Highlights from Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023

Our first event in 2023 is over; let’s check out some of the numbers from Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023.
Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 logo over some photos from the event

The first video game industry event of 2023, Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023, was held on January 13 at Point Hotel Barbaros. The event attracted over 300 attendees from more than 220 brands in total.

Mobidictum Network Istanbul featured nine sessions, over 250 meetings at the meeting points, and a cocktail to finish off a full day of networking in style. The Mobidictum team would like to thank all our sponsors and attendees for their participation. Here are all the numbers for our event, along with a list of our sponsors:

What was discussed during the sessions?

A total of 19 panelists centered the stage after the Founder and Managing Director of Mobidictum, Batuhan Avucan, kicked off the sessions with an opening speech. Here’s a list of all the sessions that took place at Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023:

  • Keep Up the Pace with AWS for Games – Burak Balta
  • How AWS is changing the game – Gizem Gür, Yusuf Yüksekdağ
  • Does a “best ad monetization” model exist? – Ozan Can Şişman
  • Monetization: Mediations & Ad Networks – Ömer Yakabağı
  • Mobil reklam bütçenizi planlarken tahminleme modelleri ve multi-touch analizin önemi – Emre Kaplan
  • Think Out of the Box When It Comes to Retention – Ali Dursun
  • Profitably Scaling Hyper & Hybrid-Casual Apps – Başak Zerman, Korhan Calar, Orhun Mert Şimsek, Uzeyir Baser, Ali Kılıç
  • User acquisition perspectives in 2023 – Kinsey Dardanus, Nazlıcan Yılmaz, Özdemir Küçükali, Oğuz Silahtar
  • How to survive a recession and thrive afterward – İsmet Gökçen, Çağlar Urcan, Erdem Can Tüzün

What to expect from Mobidictum Events in 2023?

Following the success of Mobidictum Business Conference in 2022, Mobidictum has made a fast entry into 2023 with this event, and we have no intention of slowing down! Our events will continue with Mobidictum Network Izmir on March 17; here’s a list of all Mobidictum events currently planned for this year:

Don’t forget to check out our album for photos from Mobidictum Network Istanbul 2023!

Additionally, keep an eye out for our YouTube channel, which will be updated with all the sessions and speeches from Mobidictum Network Istanbul. Exclusive interviews and videos from the event area will also be featured. Enjoy!

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