Successful French publisher begins publishing casual games

Homa Games aims to show its success in the hyper-casual field on the casual side as well.
homa games casual hyper casual
Homa Games, hyper-casual

Homa Games, one of the leading publishers of the mobile game industry, announced that it aims to expand in the industry by publishing casual games such as board and puzzle games. The successful French-based publisher plans to expand its mobile game operation by displaying its skills in casual games as well as hyper-casual games.

Homa Games is headquartered in Paris, France, with offices in Toulouse, Skopje, and Lviv. The French publisher saw significant growth in 2020 and 2021, increasing its staff from 20 to 90 representing more than 15 nationalities.

Homa Games
Homa Games

Homa Games uses its powerful in-house publishing technology to evolve in the new strategy it announced and is rolling out to demonstrate its proven success in the hyper-casual field on the casual side as well. In addition, it works closely with game developers to optimize their games and receives full support not only from publishing managers but also from the Market Intelligence, Creative and User Acquisition & Monetization teams.

As expected, board and puzzle games target specific audiences, integrating their own monetization systems into the industry. However, the idea of applying the core elements of hyper-casual in casual games has proven successful with games like Minesweeper from Hyperlite Studios and Dominoes Pro from Maysalward.

Homa Games Strategic Business Development Manager Janette D’Alessio made the following statements in line with the company’s goals:

“By introducing a new monetization strategy and using Homa’s new N-testing technologies to execute ads tests, Minesweeper was able to increase D1retention and to improve LTV by up to 18%. This allowed us not only to bring more value to developers but also to assess the potential of our tools when it comes to casual games.”

About the new move made by Homa Games, the company’s CRO Olivier Le Bas added:

“We have a lot to offer to developers as a company, not only in the hypercasual space but to all the gaming industry. This is why we’re now expanding our scope and looking for top developers that want to go the extra mile on the board and puzzle games. We’re looking for studios with the same ambition and mindset that we have.”

After top talents from Voodoo joining Homa Games in strategic positions, the hiring of Carlos Mas Rodriguez as Vice President of Gaming Products is an indication that the company will continue to strengthen with the best talent on the market. Having served at Scopely in the past under Scrabble Go, one of the best tabletop games on the market, Mas Rodriguez brings Homa Games extensive experience in executing strategies for casual games from inception to scaling and worldwide launch.

In addition to its recent recruitments, Homa Games continues to add new talents and diversify its personnel. The company is always looking for talented developers and designers but has many vacancies across all of its offices.

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