Homa Games’ Border Patrol reaches a new milestone!

Homa Games

Homa Games is one of the biggest publishers worldwide. To be exact, they were one of the top 10 publishers of 2020 by App Annie’s top 2020 publishers report. The team saw incredible growth and reached more than 100 million downloads in 2020. During the year the studio released many hit titles like Pancake Art, Dip Master, and Sky Roller! Once again, the team’s latest game Border Patrol hit the top charts in different categories.

Homa Games’ Border Patrol reached top 4 on the iOS US store!

Border Patrol is developed by Five Bits Inc. and published by Homa Games. Since its launch, it generated impressive metrics and top chart positions. In a blog post, the team announced that Border Patrol reached top 4 in the Free Game category on the iOS US store while it reached the top 1 in the Role-playing category. That’s not all, it was the number one game in the Free Games category on iOS all over Europe!

Homa Games

Border Patrol is a funny, colorful game with smooth 3D graphics; its natural left to right swipe mechanics lets you quickly choose if your favorite characters can travel to their destinations -or not. The gameplay is very simple, yet super fun. Players turn into Border Patrol agents to review each person and decide if they should travel. There are several restrictions. For instance, people traveling with animals, plants, or guns should not be let through security. You can download it on iOS’s App Store or Android’s Google Play.

About Homa

Homa Games is an independent game studio based in Paris focused on hyper-casual and Idle mobile games and specializes in the publishing, user acquisition and monetization of mobile games. Last month, we shared the departure news of the industry veteran Jon Hook from the studio after two years. On behalf of Mobidictum, congratulations to the team on their new hit title!
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