Homa Games raises 50 million dollars investment

Successful hyper-casual developer and publisher Homa Games has received an investment of 50 million dollars!
homa games raises 50 million
Homa Games is growing stronger!

The successful name of the mobile game industry, Homa Games, completed the Series A investment tour led by Northzone with $50 million. Other investors in the company’s A-series include FuboTV founders Singular, King and Daniel Ek, and Nico Wittenborn.

Co-Founders of Homa Games
Co-Founders of Homa Games

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Nathan and Olivier Le Bas, Homa Games is one of the leading developers and publishers of the mobile game industry. Game developers from all over the world use Homa Games’ technologies to power their creativity. Apps powered by Homa Games creators have been downloaded more than 500 million times in total. The company announced in February of 2021 that it had reached 250 million downloads. The company, which managed to double the number of downloads in a period of 8 months, has become an expert in both hyper-casual and casual game categories.

The company partners with indie game studios to provide them with the full stack of developer tools, data insights, and revenue generation through advertising that would traditionally be available to large game studios only. This enables developers to increase efficiency at every step and produce mega hits in record time: All of the company’s games ranked in the top 20 of the app stores have been developed in 8 days or less. 

Homa’s technology is a layer on top of cross-platform game engines like Unity, to make sure developers can focus on their creativity. This infrastructure is built on three main pillars: market intelligence to scout new trends and ideas, Real-time A/B testing capabilities through a no-code SDK, and distribution and monetization technologies.

Daniel Nathan, Co-Founder and CEO of Homa Games has commented:

“This new funding round will allow us to attract even more top-tier talents, and accelerate our expansion across all functions and relevant geographies. We’re stoked to be joined by stellar investors and angels that have a sharp knowledge of our industries and have scaled massive companies before. Homa is now well-equipped to tackle all challenges and opportunities lying ahead.”

The statement made by Pär-Jörgen Pärson from the Northzone team about Homa Games includes the following sentences:

Homa Games is on a very exciting mission. Their platform gives any game entrepreneur or independent studio super powers by allowing them to tap into publishing, analytics and marketing tools to compete on an even footing with the giant game studios across the world. Daniel and Oliver don’t just bring a vision but more importantly, a killer execution that is helping them define and build an entirely new category within gaming.

Commenting on the deal, Riccardo Zacconi, Co-founder of Candy’ Crush’s maker King adds:

“Daniel and Olivier have an ambitious vision and I was blown away by the groundbreaking production technology Homa Games have built to empower developers. Their technology is giving independent game developers the toolkit to maximize their time as they make content creation easy and extremely data-driven. They’ve been able to hire a stellar team to build this further and I’m extremely happy to be on board.”

Homa Games’ portfolio includes more than 40 published games. Earlier this year, the company was able to come up with a new game genre thanks to strong market intelligence methods allowing it to spot new trends faster than the industry standards. Six months after creating this new game genre, they are about to release 7 unique new games in this category.

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