How Did Playrix Earn Over $500 Million in Just 5 Months?

Playrix runs to new records with its earnings.

Playrix is a famous developer of F2P mobile games with an international reach. Their games are played nearly throughout the entire world and have gone on to gross over half a billion dollars in 5 months. We will look into the revenue break down for the start of 2020, unveil Playrix’s fake advertisements, and take a look at the new game that could be coming out later this year.

Where is All of This Revenue Coming From?

Playrix has had a huge year so far, due in part to many people being forced to stay home. According to Apptica, Playrix’s revenue was over 500 million dollars from the start of 2020 to May 2020. While 500 million dollars is impressive, a majority of that came in the month of April when Playrix’s revenue was over 250 million dollars. One of Playrix’s games, Gardenscapes, went on to make millions in the month of April.

Playrix Android

When looking at the data of downloads and revenue, you can find interesting results. For example, with Android devices, India accounted for over 50 percent of the downloads; however, it did not make the top eight for revenue. The United States accounts for over 50 percent of Playrix’s revenue from Android devices.

Playrix iOS

Looking at iOS devices, the United States makes up a quarter of the downloads but accounts for 50 percent of the revenue. However, Playrix has a bigger market in Japan and China, when looking at iOS devices. It is interesting to note that Playrix rarely run advertising inside the apps they develop. This means that the majority of Playrix’s revenue comes from in-app purchases.

Playrix’ Controversial Fake Advertisements

While Playrix does not make a majority of their revenue from advertisements, they do run fake advertisements. Playrix fake ad campaigns have become one of their largest controversies. However, it is working so well for them.

People are mad about Playrix fake ads because they are misleading because none of the Playrix games show real gameplay. Playrix has become famous for having fake stories. However, when people are playing the game, they often find a game that does not match the story and ends up being more similar to a Candy Crush.


There are several reasons that companies such a Playrix run these fake ads. For starters, it makes it easier for them to differentiate themselves from their competition. This allows the game companies to attract customers quicker. However, another reason that Playrix fake ads have become a thing is people do not stop playing the game after they figure out. This can be seen in Playrix’s revenue for the start of 2020. Clearly, the customer is satisfied with the game enough to keep it, even after they have been misled. Unfortionally, it does not look like these fake ads will be going anywhere anytime soon. At least not until there is a new tactic for attracting customers.

New Games From Playrix Will Further Expand Their Offerings and Revenue

Playrix is also hoping to expand its impressive revenue from the year by introducing a new game. Puzzle breakers is a match-3 puzzle game. Playrix claims to have developed the most advanced puzzle role-playing game battles that include a unique tactical battlefield. Many different heroes have different active skills. Finally, some unique enemies also have different abilities, skills, and moves. While it is to be seen if Puzzle breakers end up being as popular as Gardenscapes, it is probably easy to say that Playrix will use fake ads to get people to download Puzzle Breakers.

Playrix has had an absolutely huge start to 2020, bringing in over half a billion dollars in just five months. However, it important to note that half came from the month of April, the peak of Covid-19 in the United States. Playrix also had a significant portion come from Gardenscapes, bringing in 35 million dollars. However, Playrix can be used as an example of how well fake ads can go into attracting potential users and how those users do not seem to mind the fake ads. Hopefully, however, the next tactic used to get users, will not focus on misleading the customer. Finally, it looks like Playrix is looking to expand on the 500 million they brought in by releasing Puzzle Breakers. Their new game claims to be an advanced puzzle role-playing game with many unique heroes and villains.

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