How NFTs are changing the gaming industry? – Gonçalo Banha

Volt Games co-founder Gonçalo Banha attended MBN#3 to talk about how NFTs are shaping the game industry.
Gonçalo Banha Volt Games
Gonçalo Banha, co-founder of Volt Games, talked about how NFTs have shaped the gaming industry.

Volt Games co-founder Gonçalo Banha, who started game development during his university years and made it a passion, attended MBN#3 and talked about how NFTs changed the game industry.

Gonçalo, who founded Volt Games with 3 of his friends in 2020, states that they published their first game, Football Clash, in 2021 and reached 200,000 monthly active users.

Afterward, he added that they started to gain information on many subjects such as blockchain and NFTs. After all, they aimed to develop blockchain games.

Adding internet news to his presentation, Banha gave examples such as the NBA selling clips for thousands of dollars, the first Tweet for 2 million dollars, and Nyan Cat selling for 600 thousand dollars. He made the following comment about NFTs:

“It gained massive popularity on social media like Twitter and Reddit. And besides all the popularity, people don’t understand the hype around NFTs, what they can do with them, and the opportunities that the NFTs bring.“

Explaining the logic of NFT with examples, Banha then showed examples about blockchain and transfers.

After stating that NFTs should serve a purpose, he added the following words;

“NFTs should have some kind of utility. They must have because otherwise, it is just a PNG that doesn’t have any purpose. I think that at least 90% of the NFT project that are in the markets don’t have any utility and will no longer be relevant in two years. Because everyone wants to buy something with a purpose with a utility.”

Referring to the Play and Earn system by giving examples from current games, Banha introduced the blockchain game they are working on called Meta Star Strikers and ended his speech by answering the questions from the audience.

You can reach the entire speech and much more on the Mobidictum YouTube channel. You can subscribe, get notified of new videos, and access first-hand content!

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