How to make a 3D model?

We frequently encounter three-dimensional (3D) objects in today’s digital world. We’ve compiled what you need to know about 3D modeling for those wondering.
We sought an answer to the question of how 3D modeling is done.

Three-dimensional (3D) modeling has an important place in today’s virtual world. 3D modeling of objects is essential for more realistic and narrative designs. 3D modeling is used in countless fields such as education, technology, gaming, cinema, and construction.

What is three-dimensional (3D) modeling?

Three-dimensional modeling is the digitization of an existing or imaginary object using computer technologies to include width, height, and depth. In some cases, 3D models may also include details such as surface texture, curves, and object size.

Three-dimensional models are an integral part of our lives today. While 3D models used in games produce entertainment, 3D models used in medicine can be used to develop diagnosis and treatment methods.

3D models are used for both engineering and art.

How to make a 3D model?

There are several ways to make a 3D model. If we are talking about a three-dimensional digital model, it is imperative to use a utility. With these utilities, you can create 3D models in the digital environment. Another method is to scan an existing object and transfer it to digital media.

From this point of view, there are two main methods for making 3D models: direct digital modeling and scanning method. Let’s examine these methods with sub-headings.

Direct digital modeling methods

The 3D model is created directly in the digital environment in this method. It is primarily used to model an imaginary object in three dimensions that did not exist before. In this respect, this type of modeling is of vital importance for the game industry. It is possible to find that it is frequently used in other sectors as well. There are also multiple ways to do 3D modeling using this method.

Parametric modeling

Parametric modeling method or CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is the most used 3D modeling method. Many 3D models that we encounter in daily life were produced with this method. 3D CAD modeling has a wide range of uses and many products.

The most important feature of this model is that it enables the designer to make realistic and one-to-one models. With CAD modeling, many parameters such as weight, size, optical properties can be directly reflected on the designed object. 3D printers can easily write 3D models made with this method. It is used to model many technological parts, especially in mass production lines. This technique is measurement and data-driven.

The parametric modeling method is used extensively in technology production.

Polygonal modeling

The most used 3D modeling type in games is polygonal modeling. In polygonal modeling, which forms the heart of the game and cinema industry, a 3D model combines various geometric shapes. According to the designer’s preference, two-dimensional shapes, triangles, or any other geometric shapes are frequently used in this type of design. Unlike the parametric modeling method, the concept stands out in Polygonal modeling. It does not deal directly with metrics and data.

Polygonal modeling of a car.

Digital sculpting

Another technique used by designers for games and movies is digital sculpting. This method is used to make smooth and non-woven models. 3D models created with this method look incredibly realistic in virtual environments. The feature distinguishing this method from others is that the designer works as if he were actually making a sculpture. In this method, artists use existing geometric shapes by manipulating and redesigning them. Although it is similar to polygonal modeling, art is the more prominent issue here. Polygonal modeling offers realistic 3D modeling, while digital sculpting provides a more artistic and interpreted 3D modeling.

The digital sculpting method was used while designing the characters of many movies and games.

Digital 3D modeling by scanning

The scanning method is actually used to produce materials for the above digital 3D models. Natural objects are transferred to digital media with scanning devices, making edits on them if necessary. According to the intended use, an object scanned in 3D does not necessarily have to be rearranged in the digital environment and can be used as it is. Scanning hardware is needed to make 3D modeling by scanning.


Unlike other scanning methods, it is helpful to mention photogrammetry specifically. Photogrammetry is the art of modeling in 3D by taking many pictures of an object with one or more cameras. All these photos taken are put together, and a 3D model is created. Professionals often use this method, especially when they want to model a real person. Also, this method can be used to model a room or city. Naturally, this will require much more production.

Even a person, room, or city can be modeled with photogrammetry.

The most significant advantage of this method is that it is more successful than other scanning methods in terms of tissues. On the other hand, photogrammetry is not the most successful method in terms of geometric accuracy.

There is much software that can do one or more of the above direct digital modeling methods simultaneously. Some of the useful 3D model design programs according to the preferences of professional designers are as follows:

  • Google SketchUp
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Dassault CATIA
  • Dassault SolidWorks
  • Kubotek Key Creator
  • Siemens NX
  • Siemens Solid Edge
  • TurboCAD
  • Rhinoceros 3D
  • VectorWorks

Software called game engines can also offer 3D modeling. In addition, one of the most used modeling tools in the field of gaming is Blender.


Three-dimensional models are used in many areas today, especially in the game industry. There are many methods of creating a 3D model. These three-dimensional models can be analytical and realistic based on measurements, or they can be artistic or imaginary. Three-dimensional modeling is both an engineering and a work of art. That’s why engineers and artists alike use it. 3D modeling is vital for products that bring these two occupational groups together, such as games.

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