How to stand out in a career event

Mobidictum Career in Games offers special opportunities for job seekers.
how to stand out in a career event
You can stand out in a career event with Personal Booth.

Mobidictum Career in Games brings together job seekers and employers in the game industry on November 11. At the event, employers will display their open positions with their stands in the virtual fair and search for their new employees. Job seekers, on the other hand, will be able to highlight themselves and their portfolios by creating their own personal stands.

The Personal Booth area is entirely reserved for job seekers

Personal Booth, one of the main areas of Mobidictum Career in Games, is completely reserved for job seekers in the game industry. In this area, participants will be able to create a virtual personal stand on their behalf. Different contents such as special link addresses, images, videos, and contact details can be added to the stands.

If you want an area where you can display your portfolio or if you want to introduce yourself better, we strongly recommend that you create a personal stand. Through these stands, you can attract the attention of the HR departments of leading companies participating in the event and have the chance to receive offers for your new career.

mobidictum career in games personal booth
You can create your personal stand by purchasing your free ticket.

Personal Booth will be completely free and anyone can create their own personal booth. You can edit or remove your personal booth once it’s created.

What are the benefits of a personal stand?

  • It makes you visible at the event
  • You can draw the attention of the HR departments of leading companies
  • It allows you to showcase your portfolio
  • You can add your contact details

There will also be sessions and panel discussions about employment growth at the event. HR managers and other departments of leading companies in the gaming industry will make speeches at these sessions and panel discussions. Join the event for free on November 11 and start your new career adventure!

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