How to trend in hyper-casual – Sergey Martinkevich

Sergey Martinkevich talked about how you can turn trends into hit games at Mobidictum Business Network #3.
Sergey Martinkevich Session
Sergey Martinkevich shared his knowledge by participating in Mobidictum Business Network #3.

Sergey Martinkevich, who worked for companies such as Gismart and ASOdesk in the past, and who currently works as Senior Business Development Manager and Publishing Lead at Azur Interactive Games, talked about how to be a hit in the hyper-casual game field.

With more than 3 billion total downloads today, Azur Games ranks third among the biggest publishers of 2021 after AppLovin and Voodoo.

As an example, Sergey decided to choose Cookie Carver and explained how the game differs from other Squid Game-themed games. The game received more than 40 million downloads in 2 months.

“Technically, we made it better than our competitors. There is a small lag before you release the finger. So that response to players’ actions is much deeper.”

Stating that the game reached the top of the charts in the USA and remained there for two weeks, Sergey made the following comments about the game’s metrics;

“The retention metrics were not so good. There were only two mechanics looped and changing one each other, but we had freaking good marketability and good organic potential. So we ran the traffic and started iterating the game during our massive main campaign.”

Stating that there are many trends, Sergey Martinkevich touched upon how studios should approach these trends.

“When you see something trendy in TikTok or any other social network, first of all you should think about gameplay and how to convert the trend into playable mechanics.”

Apart from that, you can reach the entire panel of Sergey Martinkevich, who also touched on many issues on the Mobidictum YouTube channel!

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