Huawei announced its partnership with CrazyLabs

This partnership adds up 4 more hyper-casual titles to the AppGallery.
huawei crazylabs

Huawei, a leading global technology company, has recently partnered with CrazyLabs, the top 3 hyper-casual mobile games developer and publisher. With their new partnership, CrazyLabs has released 4 new hyper-casual titles on Huawei’s AppGallery.

According to the press release by Huawei, the success of the popular hyper-casual titles from CrazyLabs (Coin Rush, Run Sausage Run, Dentist Bling, ASMR Slicing, and Soap Cutting) have attracted Huawei’s attention to arranging this partnership. Elliot Hollander, Head of Developer Relations in Israel, CEE & Nordic, Huawei Consumer Business Group, has commented:

“Some of the hottest gaming companies in the world are eyeing AppGallery and seeing the potential it offers to reach millions of previously untapped consumers. We are seeing a consistent interest in ensuring that popular games are available to Huawei users. The ease with which developers can do this in partnership with us on AppGallery only makes the process easier.”

Huawei continued its technical support to CrazyLabs during the integration process of games into AppGallery and made the process go more smoothly. Also, CrazyLabs has incorporated several kits for use on HMS, Huawei’s proprietary mobile services platform which includes: The Account Kit, which provides developers with simple, secure, and quick sign-in and authorization, the Ads Kit, a monetization service that allows CrazyLabs to build its audience and display high-quality ad content to them within the game, and the Wallet Kit, which enables users’ loyalty cards, gift cards and coupons to be accepted.

Michal Issachary, VP Games and Operations at CrazyLabs commented:

“We see this as a long-term partnership in which we can grow our customer base now that AppGallery draws more and more users. We have been impressed by the commitment shown by Huawei to releasing our games, and the support we have been given. It’s good to have another solid app distribution channel, which exposes us to new gamers and creates healthy competition in the market.”

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