Huuuge Games signed publishing agreements with Square Triangle and Friedeggames

Global mobile games developer and publisher Huuuge Games announced that it had signed two new publishing agreements with independent developers Square Triangle and Friedeggames.
Huuuge games logo with game images from cafe dash and bowling clash.

Huuuge Games enters 2023 by securing two deals with separate independent developers. The company has expanded its portfolio of mobile games by the agreement. Huuuge is particularly interested in developers because of the mechanics and social features in the games that they have developed.

Huuuge Games has included Bowling Clash: New Legends from Square Triangle and Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game from Friedeggames in their games portfolio. In 2021 Huuuge Games published or acquired notable titles, including Huuuge Casino, Billionaire Casino, and Traffic Puzzle.

Founded in 2018, Square Triangle is based in Cyprus Nicosia, with employees worldwide. Their new title Bowling Clash: New Legends, combines casual bowling mechanics and tactical elements to offer more engaging and challenging gameplay. The players can sign contracts with sponsors and gain followers while climbing the competitive bowling ranks. They can upgrade their character statistics and customize various parameters, from bowling balls to outfits. Players can also engage in real-time one-on-one matches in multiple locations.

Estonia-based Friedeggames was founded in 2018 and launched 20 projects in various genres, from arcades to puzzle adventure quest games. In their latest title, Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game, players can freely manage their business and fulfill customer orders while progressing through levels to expand a small cafe into a thriving restaurant visited by show business stars.

Anton Gauffin, Founder and CO-CEO of Huuuge Games, said:

“Huuuge strives to work with the best creative talents from across the games industry to build and publish a wide array of fun games. We are extremely excited about the potential for these two distinct and creative games. Bowling Clash: New Legends and Cafe Dash: Cooking Diner Game each have diverse and exciting mechanics but also possess the social features that we look for at Huuuge. Finding partners who are equally passionate about our vision to connect millions of players in real-time casual gaming platforms is beyond exciting. We look forward to starting our partnerships and helping introduce these fantastic games to the world.”

Set out to build to world’s most social, real-time, free-to-play mobile gaming platform, Huuuge Games is also working on a community-based game using user-generated content. Still, the company hasn’t revealed any further specific details on that.

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