Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report guides the gaming industry

by Berçem Sultan Kaya
Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report

In today’s world, ‘data’ is everywhere in our lives. Especially when it comes to marketing, making decisions based on data has great importance for businesses to survive. A comprehensive growth infrastructure for mobile app marketers, Tenjin shares important data and insights on the hyper-casual industry with the Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report 2021.

Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report contains insights relevant to the entire mobile gaming industry

Marketers will need to keep making data-driven decisions to have a successful year in 2021. An unprecedented year like 2020 has great importance for those in the industry. The effects of COVID-19 on the mobile ecosystem still exist. Moreover, important developments such as Apple’s requirement of user consent for accessing IDFA increase the necessity of new plans.

Tenjin shares the data collected in the hyper-casual area throughout 2020 with developers, publishers and marketers under the name of Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report 2021. This data will support you in UA and ad revenue growth plans.

Although the report contains information specific to hyper-casual, it actually contains important insights that concern the entire mobile games industry. It addresses a number of issues that developers working on casual and mid-core game genres should also examine.

Which ad networks can we choose, what are the ad spending figures between Android and iOS, which countries have the highest ad revenue, or what are the ad spending figures between Android and iOS and what are CPI for Top 10 countries and ad networks?

You can download the Hyper-Casual Benchmark Report containing all this information for free from the link here. Check out the report now to review and further refine your user acquisition and monetization strategies for 2021.

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