Hyper-casual developer Gamejam Co. rebrands as Superfine

The company, now called Superfine released a Web3 growth platform
SUPERFINE written in white on a blue background

Gamejam Co, now called Superfine, was a hypercasual developer with over 40 hyper-casual games under its belt. The company was founded in 2018 and until now, had solely worked on hyper-casual games.

Superfine CEO Christan Calderon said,

 “We can do things in Web3 that we’ve never been able to do before. This is the future.”

Henric Suuronen, Founding Partner at Play Ventures said in his Linkedin post that Superfine’s tools are essential for anyone working on a web3 game and they are already working with many Tier A projects. 

Web3 is relatively new, and it offers many opportunities for game developers. As it is a very new platform, adapting to this whole new technology while it is still in development is a challenge for many developers who want to release Web3 games and technologies.

Superfine’s new website claims it is a battle-tested growth platform that gives web3 publishers the tools and confidence to scale profitably. 

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