Mobile game industry meets at Hyper Games Conference

Tickets for the Hyper Conference event, which will take place on October 21-22, are on sale.
hyper games conference october
Hyper Games Conference will take place on October 21-22.

In this period when the mobile game industry is very popular, Hyper Games Conference, which is organized specifically for hyper-casual and includes many informative talks and panels, will take place online on October 21-22.

The event, which aims to bring mobile game studios together with the industry’s leading game publishers and advertising companies, expects the participation of more than 3500 industry employees, more than 90 countries, more than 250 hyper-casual game studios, and more than 70 expert speakers.

The online event will be held for 2 days with 2 different stages. On these stages, experts from the leading companies of the mobile game industry will make various speeches and panel discussions. In the sessions to be held at the event, the answers to many questions in the mobile game industry will be answered under various topics. Some of these topics include:

  • Fundamentals and methods of hyper-casual game development
  • Hyper-casual game publishing
  • Mobile game marketing
  • Stories of those who have succeeded in the industry
  • Panel discussions on mobile game development and publishing
  • Analysis of the most popular markets in the mobile game industry (Asia, Europe, CIS, and Turkey)

The main theme of the online conference is to talk about many issues that enable companies to contribute to and develop the mobile game industry. In addition, the world-famous games of the companies, their general successes and failures within the industry will also be included in these topics.

The Hyper Games Conference team invites hyper-casual game developers, game designers, hyper-casual game studios, mobile game publishers, and advertising platforms to this event. You can get your ticket right now by using the button below.

The Hyper Games Conference team also held a ‘meet-up’ event (Hyper Games Conference Meet-Up Istanbul 2021) in Istanbul last September. The event hosted more than 180 participants in total. You can check out the details of the event here.

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