Hyper Games Conferens hosted more than 1800 participants

Hyper Games Conference, which we have announced in the past months, was held on 4-5 February. More than 150 hypercasual games studios joined the online event.

More than 37 speakers and 1800 participants in two days

One of the first mobile game events of 2021 was Hyper Games Conference. The conference, announced in November, was held on 4-5 February.

Hyper Games Conference, like other events held since last year, took place online. Even in online format it was possible to submit a meeting, listen to the solo speeches and ask questions to participants of panel discussions.

Conference was opened with a solo speech by Voodoo. And for the next two days the leading representatives of the hyper-casual market such as CrazyLabs, Kwalee, Homa Games, 24 PLAY, Gismart, ZPLAY and others (37 speakers in total) were sharing their experiences with attendees.

Throughout the speeches development (hypercasual game development basics and methods), publishing, marketing (ad networks) and success stories were discussed. Panels on development and publication were also held.

Speakers advised over 1800 attendees from more than 40 countries.

All those who missed the event will be able to watch all records on YouTube channel of the Conference. Besides, the Hyper Games Conference team announced that they start to prepare for the new event in the coming months.

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