Immortal Game raises the total investment amount to $15.5 million

The company raised a total of $15.5 million in financing with the investment it received in July.
Masa üzerinde bir satranç tahtası ve arkada Immortal Game kurucu ortakladı.

Immortal Game, a next-generation chess platform, announced that its investment amount had reached $15.5 million with the Series A funding round it has just completed. The company meets users with the vision of creating a new generation experience by blending Web3 and chess.

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Participants in the funding round led by TCG Crypto include Cassius, Greenfield One, Sparkle Ventures, Kraken Ventures, Spice Capital, 35V, and Blockwall. This isn’t the first funding the company has received. Immortal Game has increased its investment amount to this level with the 12 million financing round it completed in July.

Thomas Zaepffel, CEO and Co-Founder of Immortal Game, comments on the subject:

“An inflection point in the adoption of blockchain technology for consumer gaming has been reached. Chess is a centuries-old game that benefits from this technology, preserving its heritage while attracting a new group of players. We are excited for the support of 50 Grand Masters as we continue to broaden the reach of this incredible game.”

The game, which has NFTs designed on chess pieces, adopts the play-to-earn system. The NFTs are called Immortals, earning Leadership Points as specific missions are completed. Built on the Ethereum system, Immutable X powers the game as a Layer 2 solution.

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With 50,000 registered players and 5,000 weekly active players, Immortal Game has 20 employees today. By clicking here, you can reach the company’s current positions, which created job postings in more than 20 positions right after the investment.

The game, which has a marketplace, also has barter and auction systems. You can also connect with the community and increase your gaming experience by joining the Discord server of Immortal Game.

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