What’s the impact of COVID-19 on hyper casual games?

Hyper casual is still the best genre.
Hyper casual games

Hyper casual is one of the most popular genres in the mobile games industry. It’s also a really busy market and it dominated 2019’s top new mobile games list. Last week, we talked about the impact of the ongoing pandemic on mobile gaming in China. Today, we will talk about COVID-19 impact on the hyper casual genre based on Adjust’s report. Without further due, let’s start.

More people played hyper casual games during COVID-19

Based on Adjust’s report, hyper casual games installs increased globally. Between December 2019 and March 2020, installs increased 103 percent across the globe. China grew 3.5 in four months which was the highest increase in all mobile gaming markets. Besides new installs, sessions also seeing great numbers compared to December 2019 which exceeded one billion sessions. According to the report, hyper casual sessions rose by 72 percent in March. China led the market with an increase of over 300 percent. Other Asian markets also saw a significant growth like Korea (152 percent) and Japan (137 percent).

hyper casual games
Installs and sessions increase graph.

Furthermore, the report shows that paid advertising decreased 26 percent from 80 percent in October 2019 to 59% in Match 2020. Organic installs are the winners, this also shows that people who are stuck at home browse and experiment. What changes will hit the hyper casual genre when everything goes back to normal? That’s we don’t know you but there’s a new challenge ahead, which is keeping this growth.

Learn more about the genre

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